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The Publishing Process



You are in control

You retain the copyright to your book, you just agree that 5 Elements Publishing maintain the publishing rights for 10 years (however, if you change your mind, there is always room for discussion).

Every stage of the way is discussed and we make sure you are happy with the way it’s going.

Sending your manuscript

Once we have an agreement in place, then you send your manuscript via email. Usually in word document form.

We will then format the book in anyway you’d like to see it printed. Most common is to have the page numbers centred on the bottom of each page, the title of the book centred on the top left page and the chapter title (if applicable) centred on the top right. Whatever you’d like to have is fine with us.

Book sizes and combinations

There are numerable sizes for your book, choice of hardback or paperback, white or cream pages, different paper weight options, glossy or matt covers…..black and white, or colour printing.*

Publishing Imprint

Your book will be published with the 5 Elements Global Ltd Imprint and be issued with an ISBN with a publisher pre-fix. A page at the front of your book will have this information in it, along with email and website links to your own information, should you so desire.


It may be that you simply want to have your book published and 1 copy sent to you as proof of this. You may also want to buy books yourself and just distribute them to your friends, or sell them on your website. This is just fine. However, we can arrange worldwide distribution through the same source Amazon uses for their self-publish distribution, as well as Via Nielsen and there distribution links; including Bertram, Gardener Books and more.

Your book will also be featured on this website, and be available for purchase here too, if you so desire. 5 Elements Global Ltd also has an Amazon Vendor account which means your book can be sold there too.

Cover Design

Included in the price of £400 for formatting, file creation for the PoD Company, and distribution for 1 year is cover simple cover design. You supply artwork for the front cover and we will design the text for the name of the book, author and anything else you would like on the front cover. The back cover usually would be white and have simple information about the book.

If you require something more complicated than this, a bespoke cover can be designed at an additional cost which will be discussed at the time.


Simple editing can be done in house at the time of formatting for a cost dependent on the length of the book. We also have a team of copyeditors who will give your manuscript the full once over for an arranged fee.

Proof Copy

Once you’ve agreed the formatting style (via PDF from us) and before the book is officially published, you will receive a proof copy of your book. This is a fully printed version of your book as it will be when it’s published. This may be the only copy you require! From this, you can agree, or make simple changes. Once the book is published, there are additional set up costs from the print on demand company to make any changes

What next?

If your book is ready to go, and you are ready to publish then get in touch via the contact form below. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask away. Your book is safe in our hands.


We will guide your through each stage and you are free to ask as many questions along the way as you like.

Remember, this is not self-publishing, this is a fresh new approach to publishing.



*Please note that all colour printing is in CMYK, and images should be in this format before sending to us to avoid problems at the time of print.

*Premium printing can increase the production costs of your book, these will be discussed at the time of file submission to the PoD company.




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