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5 Elements Publishing offer authors an alternative approach to being published

This is not self-publishing……….

You’ve written a book, maybe you’ve approached publishers and been rejected, or you just don’t want to self-publish (or know how to do it), then you’ve come to the right place.

First and foremost, your experience will be dedicated and personal to you as a person as well as author.

Your carefully written, loved manuscript will be published with the 5 Elements Global Ltd Imprint, it will have it’s own unique ISBN, listed in the British Library and be available worldwide, if you so choose.

Using Print On Demand company Lightning Source, you can have just one book printed, or as many as you want. The decision is yours.

Sometimes just having your book published and 1 copy printed is enough, it’s the journey complete. Here that is entirely possible.

Alternatively, you may wish to market your book and sell, sell, sell. With a worldwide distribution partner you can have that too. As well as your book featured for sale in our website, you may also have your own author page. Or even an associated website.

The idea of this service, is to be just that; offering you a service to get your book in print with it’s own unique ISBN.

£495.00 is all it costs to have your book published.

Includes formatting, simple cover design (front and back), 1 year inclusion to book buyers magazine worldwide.


You receive 70% of all royalties from sales of the book!

Journal/diary of nature photos

Nature is beautiful; and this stunning diary/journal will add beauty to your events planning. * stunning photos * Week to view perpetual diary (month and date) * 1 page per week for notes * 3 years year to view calender at the front (2016, 2017, 2018) * Supporting charity with every sale. Arranged around the seasons and the great five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, the photographs in this perpetual diary show “every day” nature. It’s there around us, always, just waiting to be noticed, awed and honoured! Barbara is an amateur photographer, yet with her deep connection to nature and the 5 elements she has an eye for capturing the light and life in the natural world around her. She says “Of course, all these photos have a story behind them. But that’s not why I have gathered them here. I am simply amazed by the beauty of nature around me, and seem to be able to capture it. My intension is to share these captured moments. Most of these are taken around my home in the UK, some a bit further afield. Although this is by no means a travelogue either, you might be interested to know what it is you are looking at, and where it was taken. Please enjoy the photos, and find the journal useful. Let the earth support you, may water carry you, fire inspire you; may air clarify, and always allow space to be.” This calendar will also raise money for charity. Barbara will donate at least £1.50 from every sale to Swami Nitya’s Children’s Project, supporting education in rural India.

“ 5 Elements Publishing is  a small but remarkable publishing house that  is efficient and has grown over the last few years into competence.  All the way through the complex process one has the feeling  there is integrity and respect for the author. The  practical guidance  and co-operation in the many small steps and decisions  that  go into manifesting the form of a book are a pleasure to experience. Again and again the cover of the books  show beautiful designs that benefit from the publishers previous experience as a traditional sign-writer.”

Swami NItyamuktananda Saraswati

©5 Elements Global  2015-2018


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